Tomato Lace

fruit lace necklace
Dangerous but quite nice really

After much deliberation we’ve decided to classify this week’s offering as a fruit lace necklace and not a vegetable lace necklace, as…well…botanically that’s what it is. More precisely a berry. As is the banana incidentally.

The tomato had been consumed in Mexico by the Aztecs since about 700 AD where it was called the…”tomatl”. That’s if you spoke…Nahuatl. Most probably brought back by one of the expeditions of happy pranksters otherwise known as the conquistadors, the tomato had a rather awkward start in Europe.

To give an idea of the level of the confusion, one of the tomato’s early nicknames was the “poison apple” as some aristocrats and wealthy Europeans tended to slip off their stools after consuming it and then never get up again. Actually the poisoning was likely to have been a far slower affair and been the result of a combination of the tomato’s natural acidity and the lead in the pewter plates (that only wealthier Europeans could afford) which would leach into the tomatos.

Further complicating matters, it  was classified in the deadly nightshade family which led to more damaging biblical associations with poison and temptation.

This animosity fueled by rumor, ignorance and superstition eventually dissipated and the final nail in the coffin for it’s rotten reputation came with the rise of the pizza from Naples.



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Lace Jewelry Fruit: The Forest Berry

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The Garden of Lace Jewelry Fruit.

lace jewelry fruit necklace

It was the most succulent berry in the garden, the most tempting amongst

the forbidden lace fruit.

I didn’t need the serpent to convince me to wear it.



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Silk Lace Fruit Neckace: the Pomegranate

A little background story on MillefleursLace’s “Pomegranate Gem” lace fruit necklace.

pomegranate lace fruit necklace



The pomegranate apart from being an absolutely delicious fruit has a very rich symbolic history. The fruit itself originates either in Afghanistan or Iran. For the Zoroastrians the fruit represented nature’s perfection and the immortality of the soul.

Greek mythology, through the story of the abduction of Persephone by Hades into the underworld, regarded this fruit as the symbol of life, marriage and rebirth. Zeus commanded Hades to return Persephone as  her mother, Demeter, (goddess of the harvests) became so distraught that all things ceased to grow. The Fates declared that any who drinks or eats down there would be condemned to remain in the underworld for eternity.  Persephone had followed this rule, nevertheless Hades still managed to trick Persephone into ingesting six pomegranate seed. This condemned her to being Hades queen for six months of the year. Demeter mourns her daughter which results that for six months the earth is barren.

In Armenia the fruit’s connection with fertility was manifested in a wedding ceremony where the bride hurled the pomegranate against a wall. The resulting scattered seeds ensured a fertile marriage and therefore children.

And finally in Anatolia where this necklace comes from, on New Year’s eve the fruit is cracked open on the floor to secure a plentiful year.


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Lace Fruit, Lace Flower and Lace Vegetable.

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As you probably know by now the MillefleurLace collection features mainly…no, exclusively nature based designs. Not cows or bats but rather fruit, leaves, flowers and…vegetables. To give you and idea of what we mean we’ll be running a series of portraits of of ladies from the 15th century modelling our necklaces. Where there is an accompanying earring or brooch we will place those pictures alongside as well. There will be a dilemma when we get to the tomato. Fruit or veg?

grape jewelry necklace

Today’s model will be wearing the “October Promise” grape necklace. Yesterday she told me that she attended an International Woman’s Day gathering. Some people in the crowd weren’t exactly complementary regarding her attire. Actually quite cross about it. Strange. As you might be able to tell from her expression she is a little touchy about how she looks so why don’t you send a word of encouragement.                                                                                                                                                               handmade silk lace earrings

silk lace grape earrings


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The Appetizers, the Vegetable and the Fruit

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handmade lace fruit jewelry
Olive blossom necklace and pistachio necklace. Handmade lace fruit jewelry.


If the MillefleursLace jewelry were truly edible (it almost is) you would be able to eat to your stomach’s content. Healthy too. Completely Neanderthal…or was that Paleo-something? Anyway we have corn lace necklaces, handmade lace pomegranates, silk thread tomato brooches, knot lace aubergine earrings, needle lace olive and pistachio necklaces, platters upon platters of silk thread lattice grapes, occasional lace peas and not a molecule of meat in sight. What better way to celebrate nature’s gifts than to choose a piece from MillefleursLace.


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The Lattice cordons

  • handmade silk jewelry lace necklace

A departure from our usual floral and vegetable themed silk jewelry, the silk lattice cord is quite simple of design but truly exquisite of execution. They consist of embroidered hollow tubes which produce a filigree or lattice effect. One really has to pick up a magnifying glass to appreciate the fine work that goes into the making these pieces.

red silk lattice cord necklace


When held up to the light you can see the delicacy and lightness of the necklaces. Simple and very elegant, they can be worn seperately or several together using a variety of color combinations.

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Girl with the Grape Necklace

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MillefleursLace, land of the nature inspired necklaces, earrings and brooches.

Imagine it’s summer (you can, it’s coming, I assure you). Now imagine a beautiful day and you’re walking through a cool forest and everywhere you look there is a lushness of lace leaves heavy with dew, sparklingly bright green mosses and succulent silk thread berries. The vibrancy of  life in this forest is irresistible. Now you are ambling down a country lane and all around are gardens, not so secret, laden with silk lace summer flowers. The presence of handmade lace vegetable gardens is overwhelming. You can almost notice a diamond brightness in the sky.

nature inspired necklaces


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How to Care for a Millefleurslace Product

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So…how to clean your silk thread necklace. Some jewelry, you may have noticed, needs to be cleaned. Silver comes to mind. A silk lace necklace, especially if it is sitting in direct contact with the skin, over time will need to be cleaned. It may also eventually collect some dust in between the knots. As most organic products do – cotton, linen, silk etc – they need your care. Frankly it is what makes up a large part of their charm. They need silk lace jewelry

Luckily for you nothing could be easier.

All you need is warm water, a jar, and a little hand washing (as in washing by hand) detergent. Place the item in the jar of warm water with a little of the above mentioned soap. Let soak for 15 to 20 min. Shake a little to dislodge dust still caught in between the knots.

Replace sudsy water with clean water and rinse. Give it another shake then rinse again. Air dry…do not place in dryer.


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Some Lace Silk Jewelry and…Stomach Inspiration

While at the fair taking place in the Tokyo Dome I was able to wander off occasionally to see what the others were doing. What attracted me most was was the exhibition of quilts. There I saw some seriously beautiful examples of patient needlework. Most of these quilts were handmade but not all. My eye is not trained in the matter so I couldn’t necessarily tell.

What I did come away with were some new colour combinations which I used later on to adapt some Millefleurslace pieces. Have a look at the quilts then click on the links for the result. This one and then that one.

Oh, I took some pics of Japanese food which I seriously love. I think I need to go back to Japan.

  • MillefleursLace staring at a dish soba yaki...not for long.
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New Orchid Necklace Design

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Here is the sketch and a paper model for a new orchid lace flower necklace. We’re trying to create more flower necklaces with single or double flowers. Whatever….not many flowers. Probably with an extra flower relative to the sketch. Not too sure about the colours of the flowers either. White might work better with green.

Check the next post for further developments…the actual thing.

  • silk lace flower necklace sketch
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